SRT Practitioners

MA. My experience as an Alexander Technique and Voice teacher has shown me that issues with physical pain or inability to make a free sound are more complex than the body. SRT has shown me that “physical inabilities” are the result of a full container due to trauma, shock or developmental dysregulation. Combining SRT with the work I already do helps my students renegotiate trauma, emptying the container, so that they can sing and move without pain. Now that’s something to sing about.

Phone Number: (617) 875-5702

  • SRT Practitioner Training: Foundation Level
    • Foundation Level I-III
  • SRT Practitioner Training: Advanced Level
    • Advanced Level I-IV
  • Additional Seminars
    • Psychological Anatomy
    • TTB V: Pain Syndromes
    • TTB IX: Survivors of War and Political Violence
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  • United States