SRT Practitioners

I am a Registered Psychologist licensed to practice in the Province of British Columbia since January, 1987. I have had work experience in several settings, including working in a private practice, as well as a Pediatric Psychologists with the inpatient population at B.C.’s Children’s Hospital, a Mental Health Centre, a pre-school treatment program as a play therapist and as a School Psychologist. I am now in full-time private practice in Vancouver. In my private practice, I work with individuals from the whole life span, and specialize in working with children, adolescents, young adults, adults in trauma and couples. My professional training, academic teaching and research focus involved the study of the development of attachment, Self Regulation Therapy (a neurobiological approach to healing trauma), parent-child relations, child abuse, the impact of television on our lives, family systems theory, Narrative Therapy and Jungian play therapy. I have been trained in the fields of trauma recovery, developmental psychology, family therapy and play therapy and psychological assessments of children, adolescents and young adults for learning challenges and giftedness.

Phone Number: (604) 736 8744

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    • Practical Applications of SRT with Children
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    • TTB V: Pain Syndromes
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