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I have a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy focusing on the Creative Arts Therapies. Working with adults and children, I have integrated this theoretical foundation with that of Self Regulation Therapy (SRT). I integrate my experiences as an artist, and an educator, when I apply SRT alongside Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy in my private studio.

I work best with those who desire to grow in wellness and wholeness and strive to connect with their inner-self to explore deep personal potential.   This process of finding our best lives can be guided through the creative process and is greater facilitated through an integration of the body, mind and spirit.

Working with children, I draw from my background as an art therapist in an elementary school, and as a teacher including pre-school early intervention programs.

You will find me in the lower floor of

Compassionate Counseling and Creative Arts Therapies

10069 80 Ave., Edmonton





Phone Number: 780-919-8416

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