SRT Practitioners

Emese Lindstrom MSC. LMP. is Dr. and Phd candidate in Natural Medicine, certified by the NCBTMB, specializes in neurological and soft tissue injury rehabilitation while resolving trauma patterns resulting from impact (MVAs, falls), and surgical procedures (medical, dental).

In addition to reducing excess activation in the autonomic nervous system and restoring balance with Self Regulation Therapy, she utilizes Lymphatic Facilitation to stimulate immune function and eliminate edema/swelling and associated nerve pain; Ligament Influenced Fascial Technique to unwind entire fascial lines and release tension; Neurofascial Release to free major tunnels and branching points of neural entrapments (TOC, CTS, Siatica); Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation to increase ranges of motion and flexibility; and medical massage.

15320 Mill Creek Blvd, Unit W204,
Mill Creek, WA 98012.


Phone Number: 425-444-2143

  • SRT Practitioner Training: Foundation Level
    • Foundation Level I-III
  • SRT Practitioner Training: Advanced Level
    • Advanced Level I-IV
  • SRT Practitioner Training: Post Advanced Level
    • Post Advanced VI: Natural and human caused disasters
  • Additional Seminars
    • Psychological Anatomy
    • TTB I: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
    • TTB II: Early Development & Psychopathology
    • TTB III: Addiction and Recovery
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