SRT Practitioners

Dr. Emese Lindstrom-Szőcs PhD. is a Doctor of Natural Medicine specializing in energetic, mental, emotional, and physical rehabilitation from neurological and soft tissue injury due to impact and surgery; balancing the Autonomic Nervous System and increasing psychophysiological coherence with Self-Regulation Therapy for improved psychoneuroimmunology; and Developmental Neuromuscular Affective Integration for greater flexibility, sense of ease, and flow of movement. “When people become conscious participants in the creation of their own energy fields and are more aware of the information patterns and frequencies of their holographic blueprint, they have the power to transform their mental, emotional, and physical state of health. I call this shift a “holographic quantum transformation”. A process that is essential for balancing the autonomic nervous system, for self-regulation and optimal energy management.”  In-person or online sessions by appointment only – please call 425-444-2143 to reserve yours.

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