SRT Practitioners

I am a Registered Social Worker (BSW) in Alberta who has been working as a Mental Health Therapist since 2003.  After 2 years of working cognitively, I was determined to find a way that would help me treat and resolve the trauma that I saw in my clients eyes and heard in their histories.  Self Regulation Therapy is that way, and has been the best training I have had.  SRT also works well with chronic pain, gastrointestinal issues, migraines, asthma, allergies and autoimmune disorders, all of which often have their beginnings in trauma and stress.  I have a private practice in Lloydminster AB and work with children, youth and adults.

Phone Number: 780-808-5008

  • SRT Practitioner Training: Foundation Level
    • Foundation Level I-III
  • SRT Practitioner Training: Advanced Level
    • Advanced Level I-IV
  • Additional Seminars
    • Practical Applications of SRT with Children
    • Psychological Anatomy
    • TTB III: Addiction and Recovery
    • TTB V: Pain Syndromes
  • SRT Certified Practitioner
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  • Canada