SRT Practitioners

I work with children, youth and adults, integrating mindfulness-based, mind-body methods to address a variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, grief, loss, life transitions, stress and burnout, specializing in full trauma recovery. This includes Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms that may be caused by trauma from any overwhelming situation such as motor vehicle accident, assault, relational violence, bullying, neglect, medical or dental procedure, natural disaster or unexpected loss of a loved one.
I see my clinical practice as both a science and an art- working with the brain and the nervous system to process unintegrated experiences that are interfering with life, increasing awareness, and equally, honouring creative expression as a natural way of processing that increases positive brain and body chemistry and as a path leading to your authentic self, resilience and strength.
I offer personal therapy, trauma recovery groups, mini-retreats, workshops and wellness services in the warm and welcoming Shimmering Tree Counselling & Wellness office in downtown Kamloops as well as the Shimmering Tree Studio on Paul Lake, BC.
Phone numbers: 250-819-5134 (Kamloops- cell) 250-573-4225 (Paul Lake- out of cell range)
Leave a message at both numbers or email for fastest response.

  • SRT Practitioner Training: Foundation Level
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    • Advanced Level I-IV
  • Additional Seminars
    • Practical Applications of SRT with Children
    • Psychological Anatomy
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