SRT Practitioners

AB (Psychology), ATI certified.

I came to Self Regulation Therapy as an Alexander Technique teacher; now, in addition to practicing straight SRT, I integrate SRT methodology into my hands-on Alexander work. I was drawn to these two modalities because they’re fully integrative and highly effective, as well as engaging and rewarding for both the practitioner and the client. Each has made a tremendous difference in my own life, and I’m inspired by the opportunity to share their benefits with others.

Phone Number: (617) 968-6373

  • SRT Practitioner Training: Foundation Level
    • Foundation Level I-III
  • SRT Practitioner Training: Advanced Level
    • Advanced Level I-IV
  • Additional Seminars
    • TTB V: Pain Syndromes
  • SRT Training Assistant
    • Assistant for SRT Practitioner Training: Foundation Level
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