Psychological Anatomy Training

  1. Psychological Anatomy: Developmental Neuromuscular Affective Integration

  2. Advanced Psychological Anatomy: Developmental Neuromuscular Affective Integration

Psychological Anatomy: Developmental Neuromuscular Affective Integration

This seminar integrates the work of Allan Schore, Daniel Siegel, Bruce Perry, Joseph Ledoux, Jim Grigsby, Richard Davidson, and other developmental neuroscientists with clinical and practical applications for professionals.

Therapeutic progress may be slowed or stalled as a result of unresolved developmental challenges that are often misinterpreted as resistance, attention seeking and help-rejecting behavior, interpersonal conflict, malingering, or character disorders. These misinterpretations lead to frustration, re-wounding of the client, and ultimately premature termination.

In this exciting five-day course we will explore stages of development starting in utero and extending to the teen years. The concomitant conflicts that may arise within the therapy as a result of derailments at any given stage will be discussed. The psychological function of the neuromusculature initiated within each stage will be explicated. In addition, utilizing the most recent psychophysiological research on attachment, the cognitive and emotional aspects of stage-specific brain development will be explored. Affective development and its centrality in the capacity to self regulate will be discussed.

Strategies for helping clients work through developmental derailments will be presented through experiential and didactic modalities allowing individuals to integrate what they have learned directly into their work on Monday morning.







For students who have already attended Psychological Anatomy and would like to retake it, the fee is $725.

Payment schedule: $725 due on registration, remaining due before August 23. Lunch is included.

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Cancellation policy: Course fees are non-refundable if cancellation occurs within 60 days of scheduled course. Course fee is also non-transferable. If cancellation occurs outside of 60 days, a full tuition refund will be issued less a $100 administration fee.

Advanced Psychological Anatomy: Developmental Neuromuscular Affective Integration

This nine-day course will further the learning acquired in Psychological Anatomy by focusing on practical applications of SRT to specific syndromes that arise as a result of derailment in development in existence, need, autonomy, or will structure, and exposure to episodic trauma. Symptoms and syndromes covered:  thought disorders (including pre and post psychosis), bi-polar disorder, attachment difficulties, asthma, allergies and chronic breathing difficulties, eating disorders and gastrointestinal difficulties, depression and neurogenesis,  learning difficulties including ADHD, borderline and narcissistic personality disorder, OCD, phobias, anxiety disorders and chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue and dysregulation of the neuroendocrine and immune system. Participants are required to bring two or three case studies of clients who present with one or more of these syndromes. Completion of Advanced SRT and Psychological Anatomy are required to register for this course. Maximum 12 participant


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Completion of SRT Advanced Level training and Psychological Anatomy


$850 per weekend

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  • A course deposit of $850 is due upon acceptance into the training. The remaining tuition of $1700 for Advanced Psychological Anatomy must be submitted 45 days prior to the first training weekend (DUE August 28, 2019)
  • A late fee of $100 will be levied on payments received after the tuition deadline.
  • Tuition is non-refundable if withdrawal is within 45 days of the course start date. If withdrawal occurs outside of 45 days, a full tuition refund will be issued less a $100 administration fee.
  • A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.